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We Supply a broad range of mechanical seals: *Single Spring Seals *Wave Spring Seals *Multiple Springs Seals *Elastomer Bellows Seals *Cartridge seals *Mixer Seals *Metal Bellows Seals *Stationary The Seals for different brand pumps. Flyge pump seals, APV pump seals, KSB pump seals, Alfa Laval pump seals, Grundfos pump seals, Fristam pump seals,ABS pump seals, Sundyne pump Seals, etc.
Developing,supplying and prompting high quality sealing productions. It include: *Orings *Rotary Seals (PTFE Oil seals, Oil Seals, Vrings) *Static Seals (Packing, Spiral Wound Gasket, Metallic Gasket, Flexible Graphite Gasket, Bonded Seals) *Hydraulic Seals (Rod Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Piston Seals, U rings/U-Cup) *Hydraulic Scrapers *Hydraulic Wear Rings *Pneumatic Seals
Products are manufactured according to ASME, ANSI, API, DIN, GB standard. Also customized accordinh to the requirements of customers. Rubber materials include : NBR,HNBR,CR,EPDM,FKM(VITON),SI,FLS,PU,FFKM,PTFE,KALREZ, etc. Metal material include: 431SS, 304SS, 316SS, BRASS,ALLOY 20,HASTELLOY C,TITANIUM ALLOY,MONEL,INCONEL, etc. Different type seals materials:CARBON GRAPHITE,SILICON CARBIDE,TUNGSTEN CARBIDE,ALUMINA CERAMIC, etc.
Hard Coatings : NCB, Chromium Oxide, Alumina-Titanium Oxide, Tungsten Carbide, etc.
The Following materials are currently available, for a broad range of corrosive-abrasive applications: *Alumina Ceramic *Carbon Graphite(Antimony and resin impregnated) *Phenolic Graphite *PTFE(pure or Alumina/Graphite/Glass for filled) *Silicon Carbide(Reaction bonded, and Sintered) *Tungsten Carbide(Combalt and Nickel Bonded) *Hard Coatings(NCB, Chromium Oxide, Alumina-Titanium Oxide, Tungsten Carbide, etc. )
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