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UNIELITE repair all types of Mechanical Seals.


If your pump seals are in need of repair, we can bring them back to "like new" condition.


If you use seals, you know repairing them can easily save you 50-70% of the cost of a new seal.


UNIELITE repair all brands, and all styles mechanical seals.  If your seals is not repairable we can build you a new one at a lower cost than you are now paying!


Considering the working conditions, repaired seals can also be upgraded by replacing Carbon faces with Silicon carbide or Tungsten Carbide.


All of the seals UNIELITE repair are: cleaned, inspected for factory tolerance, replace new faces if required (otherwise lapped), new springs, new elastomer ( rubber boot or o-rings), new set screws, new setting clips (if cartridge seals), lapped to industry standards (within 2 helium light bands) assembled and delivery.

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